W. Michael Martin is a prolific teacher, visionary, charismatic and captivating leader who serves as senior pastor of Oak Spring Church Arlington. Pastor Martin believes that our way of doing things should be reflective of the God we serve. Advancing the Kingdom of God with the Spirit of Excellence!

Presently, by the blessings of God and under the auspice of Michael Martin, Oak Spring is undergoing rapid growth – with this growth, of course, comes “growing pains.”  We have moved from a membership of 200 plus to well over 1,200 partners – in a short period of time (and still growing).  We are not negligent in our mission or slothful in our work, but there is obvious room for improvements or adjustments.  We must remain focused on the mission of the Church.  With the mission, however, God has given the vision for the local assembly (for this season and appointed time).

Michael Martin was born October 27, 1971 in Memphis, TN. He has been a gospel preacher for over 20 years, having accepted his calling at age 16. He was licensed and ordained in the church where he grew up – Middle Baptist Church-Whitehaven in Memphis, TN under the auspice of his pastor, Dr. Lester Basken.

Martin accepted his call to the preaching ministry in 1988. Shortly after his ordination, he served in many leadership capacities in his church and surrounding communities. He attended Lemoyne-Owen College and Mid-America Theological Seminary. In 1989, he won first place as the National Oratorical Winner in the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. – affording him national exposure and experience.

Martin has a tremendous love and discipline for reading and writing. He hopes to put a lot of his “work” in publication – with the ultimate desire to author several books in the future. Above all and most importantly, his first ministry priority is to his family.

We will continue to equip all the saints of Oak Spring to do the work of the ministry by enhancing and incorporating the gifts and abilities of existing and potential leaders.