Pastor Martin’s unique style of teaching and preaching of God’s word, utilizing power point, graphics and video, as he minister the Word of God, has resulted in prayers being answered, bodies healed and souls being saved. He is a true believer of the ‘Power of Prayer’ and believes that Faith does work.  It was through the grapevine the word got out about how God’s word was being ministered, that even a beginner follower of Christ could comprehend his teaching, which lead to the rapid growth in membership.  Pastor Martin has such a generous heart he looks and longs for opportunities to contribute and be a blessing to individuals and communities near and far who has suffered hardship. He feels its God favor and an honor to be in a position to contribute locally and nationally to tragedies and disasters. 

Pastor Martin initiated OSC becoming a 21st century business ministry by constructing additional add-ons including the ‘Finis Field Multipurpose Focus Center’.  His proverb need to hire fulltime staff, to operate the administration office, to hire licensed, bonded, highly trained armed security team including inside/outside HD video cameras, makes visiting and working at Oak Spring a very secure place.  Even though he generously gives scholarships to our high school & college graduates, let’s not forget our Annual Summer Enrichment Day Camp for youth ages 4-16 which started in 2007.  In addition, we also have a community action ministry that offers youth internship summer jobs for ages 16-18 to be employed by small businesses, compensated by OSC.  We are currently an official voting site and our doors are open to several types of community activities.   Pastor Martin consistently continues to invest in the life and vision of Oak Spring Ministries, moving us from church service to Kingdom building.   


W. Michael Martin was inaugurated as Senior Pastor and was faced with the challenge of changing this body of believers from membership to discipleship and confronted with  reconstructing their minds to comprehend and accept the new version of God’s vision for Oak Spring.  He also inherited the task of renovating the building due to rapid membership growth. He has proven and demonstrated, over and over again, that he was called by God to be at OSC and that he is God’s businessman due to fact he allows God to work through him by seeking Him first in everything.  This Godly technique is the reason behind his preparation and readiness for change and why he views the challenges of change as growing pains. Pastor Martin is currently fulfilling his clerical duties by working God’s planned vision and God’s planned promise for Oak Spring Church.

Finis Fields became pastor in 1973. Under his auspice, tremendous growth, progress and improvements were made. He also led the church in the construction of the present sanctuary and other cosmetic adjustments. A strong educator and compassionate leader, Pastor Fields served until his death in 1999.

Joseph McGhee, who only reigned for a short period, was successful in lowering the church’s debt and appointing five young deacons as he spared no pain in handling church business.

John B. Hooker, was another great leader who served for 27 years as a great builder and organizer.  He rebuilt the church spiritually and financially and taught the congregation that, “…with God all things are possible.”

Unfortunately, the entire church was burned to the ground and it was then Oak Spring Baptist Church relocated to Godwin Road as Parson Hammond was faced with the task of rebuilding again. Due to his efforts, membership continued to grow and the church prospered in all aspects. 

This property, located in Rosemark, TN, was given to William Harrison Hammond to build a church.  Sited on the land was a large oak tree and a spring running underneath its roots.  Pastor Hammond, also known as affectionate Parson Hammond, needed a break from clearing off the property and decided to sit under the large oak tree and take a drink from the cool flowing spring to refresh himself.  This is what inspired Pastor Hammond to name the church ‘Oak Spring’. The town of Rosemark and its leader believed the church services was frightening the people of their community. Therefore, Parson Hammond and the congregation was faced with being shut down.  To God be the glory, Parson Hammond believed so in God and the 'Power of Prayer, service continued until an Irish lady named Mrs. Murry offered to sell him a site for $25 per acre what is now known as Millington-Arlington Road, west of Brunswick Road. 



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